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current projects

  • Management van expertise
    De kracht van leren en ervaring

    >>>Web Design
  • Texts Don't Grow on Trees
    The European Authors' Rights Awareness Campaign

    The European Writers Congress

    >>>Campaign Support: Research and Communication
  • Communities of Practice
    Learn, Exchange, Develop ...

    Kazi, A.S., and Wolf, P. (2006) Real-Life Knowledge Management: Lessons from the Field, KnowledgeBoard, ISBN: 952-5004-72-4.

  • Knowledge Culture
    Assess, Create, Sustain ...

    in preparation; will appear as a chapter in the third volume of the "KM Chronicles" series by Madan Mohan Rao. The book will be called "Cultures of Knowledge".

  • Reflective Practice

    Reflective Practice is a promising and wide-used paradigm in design research &endash; to draw from a panel session held at ICED'01 in Glasgow (Chair: Kristina LAUCHE).




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